Today I choose…

ImageToday I choose to be inspired by Desire, not by my Shoulds.

I’ll let my heart lead, instead of my head.

I’ll let happiness be the cheerleader to spur me on, not my worries.

Life is short…it is to be loved and enjoyed, not carried like a burden.

For today I choose to ask myself, does this feel good? or is this an obligation?

And if I must do it, then I choose to be happy doing it and grateful that I can.

That is all…


About Bambi Thompson

Bambi Thompson, OTR/L is an Anxiety Transformation and Breakthrough Specialist who trains your brain to reroute stress,limiting beliefs, and insecurity to a new path of clarity, calm, and confidence—ultimately unleashing your success. Bambi's approach to empowered transformation brings the neuroscience to the metaphysical, and in the most straightforward English imaginable—your brain will be rewired but your head won't spin. Bambi is an Occupational Therapist, an Intuitive and Energy Healer, and a Panic Disorder survivor who's toolbox pulls from neuroscience, spirituality, energy medicine techniques, and her deeply empathetic nature. Her unique and powerfully successful approach involves teaching you the tools to re-program yourself for inner peace, goal achievement, and success. The results? Profound change in all aspects of your life!
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2 Responses to Today I choose…

  1. Love it & yes, I generally start my day off writing what I want to write about (within a framework) … missing you & hope your holidays are off to a great start

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