Vision up your vision

My 2011 vision board

My 2011 vision board

So I am all about manifesting success with the Law of Attraction.  In fact I’ve just begun a Master’s level Law of Attraction Practitioner’s certification course, to really power up my skills, which are pretty damn good to begin with, if I do say so myself.

I have set my yearly goals out in quarterly chunks and now it’s time to create a visual for my neural-programming that I do to get my lovely little subconscious mind on the job.

Did you know that when you program your subconscious mind, it automatically (key word here folks) goes to work to modify your behaviors, your actions, your perceptions, and your outer reality to be in alignment with whatever is stored in there?

A great way to do that is to make a Vision Board…a collage of images that excite you and represent what you want to manifest or achieve in your life.

I make one every year, and it’s cool to see how the things start to come into my awareness and get closer and closer to my own life.

1. Get a bunch of cool magazines...Success, Body and Soul, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Simple Living…whatever has your kind of interests.  I love those because they also have lots of inspirational titles and phrases, which are also nice to have on your vision board.

2. Start gathering images and words.  Cut out what excites you, makes you happy, shows your goals, or pictures to represent qualities you want, or things you want.  I’ll even create my own affirmations in pretty fonts to print out from my computer.  Just start collecting stuff, cutting, tearing, using cool scissors , adding in scrapbooking stuff…go wild.

3. Lay out and design the collage. Start laying the things you’ve collected out on a big piece of posterboard.  Be intentional in taking your time here…the artistic aspect of this step can make or break your overall effect.  Some people fill the entire surface, other’s keep it very airy and uncluttered.  It’s whatever you want.

4. Finally glue it all together once you have the layout designed.  This is a little tricky, and takes some time, but it’s really fun.

So this is the cool part of all of this…for every 68 seconds that you are working on this, in your excited and inspired state…the universe is working to manifest your focus of attention into your “reality”.  That’s why making a vision board is so friggin’ powerful- you are in a high vibrational state energetically, cuz you’re all jazzed from all the creativity and fun and you are in “The Vortex of Creation” as Abraham Hicks talks about it.

So take it on peeps…get your vision visioned up and watch for the results.  


About Bambi Thompson

Bambi Thompson, OTR/L is an Anxiety Transformation and Breakthrough Specialist who trains your brain to reroute stress,limiting beliefs, and insecurity to a new path of clarity, calm, and confidence—ultimately unleashing your success. Bambi's approach to empowered transformation brings the neuroscience to the metaphysical, and in the most straightforward English imaginable—your brain will be rewired but your head won't spin. Bambi is an Occupational Therapist, an Intuitive and Energy Healer, and a Panic Disorder survivor who's toolbox pulls from neuroscience, spirituality, energy medicine techniques, and her deeply empathetic nature. Her unique and powerfully successful approach involves teaching you the tools to re-program yourself for inner peace, goal achievement, and success. The results? Profound change in all aspects of your life!
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One Response to Vision up your vision

  1. I’ve never done a vision board, but I like to surround myself with inspiring images and quotes. Maybe that’s similar? Love the new header!

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