Discombobulated? Try this!

ImageI am a person who is 1. pretty high energy, 2. a little crazy ( in a good way), and 3.have a brain that is definitely whirring with thoughts.

Let’s just say things can sometimes border on ” not fun” when my energy starts to rise. Menopause is great for that, eh ladies?  I get a little more “whirry” than usual and it can be uncomfortable and downright discombobulating (I love that word…)

I have a quick technique to share that I use to ground myself when things get a little too intense.

Simply place your left hand over your belly button, and your right hand over the back of your head just above your neck – the Occipital area or those bumps on the base of your skull.  Hold for 30 seconds or more if you’re really off balance.  Then switch hands and hold again.  It balances our energy using the energy centers in our palms.  I like to imagine it as washing away the erratic energy and smoothing it all out.

Try this in bed when you can’t sleep, or when you’re feeling a little off, moody, need to clear your head, or whatever… it always seems to help me.

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About Bambi Thompson

Bambi Thompson, OTR/L is an Anxiety Transformation and Breakthrough Specialist who trains your brain to reroute stress,limiting beliefs, and insecurity to a new path of clarity, calm, and confidence—ultimately unleashing your success. Bambi's approach to empowered transformation brings the neuroscience to the metaphysical, and in the most straightforward English imaginable—your brain will be rewired but your head won't spin. Bambi is an Occupational Therapist, an Intuitive and Energy Healer, and a Panic Disorder survivor who's toolbox pulls from neuroscience, spirituality, energy medicine techniques, and her deeply empathetic nature. Her unique and powerfully successful approach involves teaching you the tools to re-program yourself for inner peace, goal achievement, and success. The results? Profound change in all aspects of your life!
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