Power Up People !

Power Up People !

If you want to be in your highest potential, you MUST know how to reclaim the reigns of your brain! Too many of us are wandering aimlessly at the whim of our Monkey Minds and mental saboteurs.

It’s time to step back into your power with cool stuff like this…

When feeling stressed out, visualize a rose colored light at the base of your tail bone (your first / root chakra), affirm “I am safe” and imagine your pelvic floor relaxing and dropping. This releases pressure on the vagus nerve which gets squeezed when our pelvic floor is tight with stress, and turns off our Sympathetic nervous system – the fight or flight response. It brings your Parasympathetic nervous system back into the drivers seat, which drives the relaxation response. Within a few minutes you will feel peaceful and grounded.

When you are in this state, your higher order thinking is available and you can stay in your power.

Try it…it works!


About Bambi Thompson

Bambi Thompson, OTR/L is an Anxiety Transformation and Breakthrough Specialist who trains your brain to reroute stress,limiting beliefs, and insecurity to a new path of clarity, calm, and confidence—ultimately unleashing your success. Bambi's approach to empowered transformation brings the neuroscience to the metaphysical, and in the most straightforward English imaginable—your brain will be rewired but your head won't spin. Bambi is an Occupational Therapist, an Intuitive and Energy Healer, and a Panic Disorder survivor who's toolbox pulls from neuroscience, spirituality, energy medicine techniques, and her deeply empathetic nature. Her unique and powerfully successful approach involves teaching you the tools to re-program yourself for inner peace, goal achievement, and success. The results? Profound change in all aspects of your life!
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