About Bambi

Anxiety Transformation Specialist

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist who specializes in teaching people how to manage and significantly reduce their anxiety and stress levels and to learn ways to achieve success using a variety of mindset tools . I am passionate about teaching people of all ages how to move out of a place of suffering, be it physical, mental or spiritual, and into a place of freedom and hope; where one experiences vitality and is expressing their highest potential. It has been my privilege to watch people expand their minds with new concepts and use that information to take control of their struggles, break free, and transform their lives. I LOVE my work!.

Becoming a Coach

I began my journey to this present career back in my childhood when I realized I wanted to be a teacher and a doctor. I spent years playing school and making worksheets and teaching classes to my friends and dolls. I dissected my steaks to “practice doing surgery”. In my Senior year took my certification for becoming an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)and to my dismay I discovered that when faced with gore and blood, I passed out. Suddenly my whole career choice of being a doctor was in upheaval and I panicked. I discovered that I could help people in a medical way by being an Occupational Therapist, and I could work with children in the schools , so that was the perfect combination of my two desires. After 2 years of pre-med. type studies at Kenyon College, I graduated from Colorado State University in 1985 with my Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Then in 1981 I began a passionate journey into the world of herbs and holistic healing techniques to soothe my stresses while in college. I even worked for Nature’s Sunshine herbal company as a distributor selling medicinal herbal formulas to make some money while in college. As my knowledge and enthusiasm grew, the teacher in me began sharing this valuable information with friends and colleagues. As my personality back then had a tendency towards worry and anxiety, much of my learning was geared towards relief from that discomfort.

Once I graduated from Colorado State University with my degree in Occupational Therapy, I launched myself into the school system and worked with learning disabled children and physically challenged students. As I am still a kid myself, I was in my element, and a very popular person with the students. I went beyond my traditional role and taught the children what I had learned about how to relax and believe in themselves, to use positive self-talk and affirmations while they were working on mastering their challenges. I shared the same ideas with their parents and both the children and the adults were grateful for this “wacky lady” as I called myself lovingly, being in their lives. During those years I worked in the New Hampshire and Maine public schools.

Once I began having children, I retired from what I called traditional OT and began the metamorphosis into what I am today. I was a stay at home mom, and homeschooled my two daughters for 13 years. Due to a variety of factors, when my girls were 6 and 2 years old, I came down with a severe case of Panic Disorder and extreme insomnia. While I recognized I had to take Paxil to re-balance my body’s chemistry, I aggressively used and sought out more powerful holistic tools for alleviating my terrifying distress. I was able to regain control of my body and my life within a years time. I remember praying and asking God if this was for the greater good of many…would I be teaching these experiences for the relief of others, and I continuously got a resounding “YES”.

During the years of 1996 to 2004 I taught numerous classes for the community, and area schools, as a way to have wonderful opportunities of learning for my girls. A wide range of topics were the focus of these programs including: Educational practices; Health and Wellness; Learning Challenges and Strategies; Science and Art ; and Spirituality. When one of the private schools I taught classes for had to close due to the owners ill health, I was offered the entire school, (it’s lease, and everything in it) to use for the homeschool community I was a leader of. I accepted the astounding offer,and became the Owner and Director of The Discovery Center for Arts and Sciences for 5 years I turned it into a thriving learning center for preschool thru high school aged homeschool students. Over my many years of being a homeschool leader, I became known as “The Homeschool Guru” and was aHomeschool consultant for the state of Maine and had people all over the country calling me and asking how to create other Discovery Centers. Throughout those years, Icoached·over one hundred families and students in the art of education, overcoming learning challenges, as well as developing mind-body practices for empowered learning and self-esteem. More and more of my healing expertise was being used, and I began to teach the children and the parents about the power of the mind to heal and achieve success in their lives.

My healing abilities really began to be recognized when I created the role of being a “Chemo Buddy” for my friends that were experiencing the challenges of cancer. I would go to Chemo with them and work with guided meditations and visualization to have the chemicals be their friends and to be useful and not harmful in their bodies. I would then spend time with them in the following days and do fun spiritual activities , guided meditations focused on healing and “smoothing out the ride”, energy work for releasing the fear, and teaching them to affirm their power. All my life I have played piano and so I would also intuitively “channel” music for my friends’ healings. (I have taught piano for 20 years as a hobby and been a composer and performer) After much joy and laughter with one of my friends one day, she said “I feel great when I should feel horrible! You know you really have a gift with this. You need to go into business doing this!”

And so, having ended my career of 12 years as homeschool mom and community program provider, my career of 5 years as Owner /Program Director / Head Teacher of The Discovery Center for Arts and Sciences, and my career of 5 years as a Public School Occupational Therapist, I am now well established in my LONG TERM career as a Transformational Healing and Empowerment Coach. In all of these diverse experiences, I have focused on and studied what creates success, fulfillment, health, and peace and I have creatively woven this knowledge into a powerfully effective approach to healing and happiness.

I teach classes and workshops in a wide variety of settings, I have a long standingWomen’s Meditation group during which I do healings and teachings, I have private clients from the ages of 5 to 85, and I am back in the public schools teaching a Student Empowerment Program which I designed to teach students of all ages these powerful tools for alleviating stress and anxiety and to use their mind to create miracles in their lives. I also do motivational speaking for conferences and seminars, I havemeditation CD’s, and am working on a variety of programs and a book. And I love it all!

If your interested in learning more about my work, contact me today at 207-319-5986, oremail me at bambi@bambithompson.com to set up a FREE 15 minute confidential phone consult to see if and how I may best help you.


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