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The Story Shifter

So much of our well being and success is based on the stories in our heads.  That and the action we take.  And so often the action we take is based on the stories in our heads.  So I’ll refine … Continue reading

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Getting Back in the Driver’s Seat

Ever felt like the monkey on your back – ie. the devilish voice in your head – is the one in control of your motivation, your focus, your confidence, and your success?   GRRR…that really gets my goat when that … Continue reading

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Not likin’ what you’re seein’ ? No worries !

I’m taking a Law of Attraction Master Practitioners certification course right now.  Loving it, and thought I’d share a reflection and reminder. If you don’t like something that’s happening  in your life, take a look at what kind of thoughts … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Energy Shifting

Check it out…if you think doing your inner work isn’t a high priority…think again! A few months ago,I worked with 9 women who were all spiraling out of control with stress and anger and anxiety because of having just found … Continue reading

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Quick Anxiety Technique for Fearful Times

“Stop Light” Anchoring Technique With all of the chaos of todays world, we can often feel apprehensive, feel that icky butterfly/queasiness in our bellies, feel exhausted, unmotivated, flat, and “lost”. When our children’s fears are added in to the mix, … Continue reading

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The Energizer Bunny

So a few quick tips on reclaiming your energy, which is something so many of my clients desire.1. Affirm “I am feeling powerful and energized”  NOT “I’M SOOOO tired”  Say both phrases over and over and witness           … Continue reading

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Your wonderful life

You were meant to have a wonderful life. Honestly, that is what the Universe/ God/ Great Spirit/  the big Kahuna in the Sky wants…no, actually designs for you. The problem is, our thoughts disturb the flow of abundance, love, health, and joy which … Continue reading

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