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Oh!…I HAVE arrived!

Ever notice that when you focus on achieving a goal, you focus on all the things that you haven’t done yet, what you haven’t achieved yet, what you don’t have yet…  All the things that create dissatisfaction, pressure, stress, and … Continue reading

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Break the barriers to your abundance. Now!

When I first start working with someone as a non-medication anxiety specialist and empowerment coach, I ask “What are the stressors in your life that are draining your energy and consuming your mental meandering s?” Inevitably money is on that … Continue reading

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Balance Baby, Balance

So one of the major breakthroughs I’ve had lately in my life is demanding balance of myself. Isn’t that an interesting choice of words (“demand of myself”)..actually as I wrote that it kind of startled me. But isn’t that what … Continue reading

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Getting Back in the Driver’s Seat

Ever felt like the monkey on your back – ie. the devilish voice in your head – is the one in control of your motivation, your focus, your confidence, and your success?   GRRR…that really gets my goat when that … Continue reading

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Kick Butt Confidence -Fast and Furiously

I just love turning women (and men) on to their power…to step into their brilliance and to see them achieve their goals. Our mindset is so key to our success and so many are stopped by their fears and blocks… … Continue reading

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Vision up your vision

So I am all about manifesting success with the Law of Attraction.  In fact I’ve just begun a Master’s level Law of Attraction Practitioner’s certification course, to really power up my skills, which are pretty damn good to begin with, … Continue reading

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Today I choose…

Today I choose to be inspired by Desire, not by my Shoulds. I’ll let my heart lead, instead of my head. I’ll let happiness be the cheerleader to spur me on, not my worries. Life is short…it is to be … Continue reading

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