Discombobulated? Try this!

ImageI am a person who is 1. pretty high energy, 2. a little crazy ( in a good way), and 3.have a brain that is definitely whirring with thoughts.

Let’s just say things can sometimes border on ” not fun” when my energy starts to rise. Menopause is great for that, eh ladies?  I get a little more “whirry” than usual and it can be uncomfortable and downright discombobulating (I love that word…)

I have a quick technique to share that I use to ground myself when things get a little too intense.

Simply place your left hand over your belly button, and your right hand over the back of your head just above your neck – the Occipital area or those bumps on the base of your skull.  Hold for 30 seconds or more if you’re really off balance.  Then switch hands and hold again.  It balances our energy using the energy centers in our palms.  I like to imagine it as washing away the erratic energy and smoothing it all out.

Try this in bed when you can’t sleep, or when you’re feeling a little off, moody, need to clear your head, or whatever… it always seems to help me.

Get more groovy tips like this with my FR*EE Anxiety Breakthrough Kit at http://www.BambiThompson.com

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Lighten Up Already!

When I was the victim of debilitating Panic Disorder, everything was serious. I was in survival mode. There was nothing else in my life other than trying to fix myself and get the hell out of that horror.

One day I drew an angel card and it said ” Play” and I of course laughed, because that was the farthest thing from my reality.

But I got the message and I began to play with my daughters, then 6 and 2 1/2. I started to get zany to make them laugh, then make myself laugh.

It worked and that was the beginning of my return to sanity.

So try it…be an ass, be ridiculous, go to laughter yoga classes, watch comedies, read silly books, read limericks…do whatever it takes, ‘cuz I can attest…”Laughter IS the best medicine”.

That’s why my practice is so successful- tho I deal with heavy stuff, I’m wacky and fun, and we breakthrough pretty quickly when it’s play and not “work”.

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Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

When you learn how to master your mind and silence your fears, the Law of Attraction is your friend. When you don’t…your a victim of your mind and the Law of Attraction is your enemy #1.

Master that monkey mind with the unique and powerful techniques in my FREE Anxiety Breakthrough Jumpstart Kit at http://www.BambiThompson.com

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“Bitch” Be Gone !

How to be a confident and powerful woman without intimidating others and getting that “B-word” thrown at you. It’s all energy folks, and when you know how to work your energy, the world is your oyster!

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“A Magical Frustration Silencer”

When we are reaching for our goals, we often face frustration and feel stuck. This is a great way to move yourself into more acceptance and peace around those times, which allows us to move out of that faster.

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Oh!…I HAVE arrived!

Ever notice that when you focus on achieving a goal, you focus on all the things that you haven’t done yet, what you haven’t achieved yet, what you don’t have yet…  All the things that create dissatisfaction, pressure, stress, and bummer feelings and energy?

What’s up with that?

We never celebrate our baby steps towards the goal, the daily tasks that we accomplished that are taking us ever closer and closer.

No.  We just focus on our shortcomings and limitations.

I had a real eye opener the other day and I had to chuckle.

For years I have been working on building my abundance consciousness, my wealth awareness.  Years of studies, lots of energy healing work, hours upon hours of visualization and affirmations.  Always focused on trying to live with wealth consciousness.

The other day I was reading Deepak Chopra’s “Creating Affluence- The A-Z Steps to a Richer Life” and read his definition of Wealth Consciousness…it’s a mindset that involves seeing life, “not as a struggle but as an adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease”.  It’s living with gratitude, seeing beauty in all things, and having an open heart in every situation.  It’s really knowing that all that we need is available to us at all times, in all situations.    Image

Holy sh*t!  It suddenly dawned on me that I had arrived, for most of my time these days I am resonating in that place…but I hadn’t acknowledged it…the quest had been such a part of my life for so long that I had overlooked the fact that I had arrived. (so to speak – since “arriving” is all relative)

I just want to remind all of us to sit in gratitude at the end of each day and celebrate all the baby steps we’ve taken, all the little and big accomplishments we’ve done and focus on what we do have…the people, the love, the health, the money, the roof over our heads…Pat yourself on the back for a change instead of cracking the whip.

As for your mindset? Act as if you have arrived…no-one knows whether you have or not.  We can’t get there unless we believe in ourselves and feel that we are already there!  And then you wake up one day and you have a “Holy Sh*t !  I’ve arrived” moment like I did the other day.

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Break the barriers to your abundance. Now!

When I first start working with someone as a non-medication anxiety specialist and empowerment coach, I ask “What are the stressors in your life that are draining your energy and consuming your mental meandering s?” Inevitably money is on that list.

I have spent much time studying money mindset, how money works, the energy of it, and how to feel prosperous in spite of scarcity. The essence of dispelling anxiety around money and creating more of it is mastering the mindset and emotional state around it.

The irony, as we all know, is that it’s hard to focus on anything but scarcity when you’re short on cash. The result is that, since what we focus on in our lives is what we attract more of, we continue the experience of scarcity and shortage.  money-heart

When we feel abundance and wealth in spite of shortage, the money begins to flow in.

I know this to be 100% true for I have lived these two sides of the coin many times, and it has worked that way every single time.

“So that’s great!” You may say “but how do I get to that state when I’m broke and it’s always in my face?”

Here’s a couple of quick ways.
1. Say:

“It’s gonna be great when I figure this out and this is all behind me!”

Then spend time visualizing whatever you are doing when money is no concern…i.e Paying your bills quickly and mindlessly because you know the money is in the bank and it’s no problem covering all your expenses.! Imagine what that would feel like and FEEL the emotional state of that.

2. Take a $10 bill and break it up into $1’s and each day hide a dollar with a sticky note stuck to it that says “Abundance is all around you…allow it in. (Pass this on!)”   Put it somewhere, where some stranger will find it…a library book, on a store shelf, on someone’s windshield.

The excitement you will feel and imagining how that will impact someone’s day will create a sense of abundance in your life, and feeling abundant creates more abundance.

3. Repeat over and over

“I am a magnet for money- I magnetize my abundance NOW!”

and watch for money to flow into your life…coins on the ground, money in your pocket, someone buying you a drink….write EVERY penny down and add it up each day and watch what happens.  What we expect with certainty, we experience…LOOK for money coming into your life- you will see it!  (A check being returned because you already paid the bill, a two for one sale, a book that you always wanted being at a yard sale for 50 cents.  The money you saved is the universe sending you money.

4. Most importantly- clear your subconscious programs of scarcity and learn the tools to neutralize and heal the anxiety and depression around money. My Money Mojo Mastery program will teach you everything you need to know to release your fear and scarcity programming – on the subconscious and cellular level, step out of being a Worrier filled with fear and being stuck, and become a Warrior-feeling hopeful, empowered,in action, and prosperous.

It starts next week and we’d love to have you join us! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent!

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