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Balance Baby, Balance

So one of the major breakthroughs I’ve had lately in my life is demanding balance of myself. Isn’t that an interesting choice of words (“demand of myself”)..actually as I wrote that it kind of startled me. But isn’t that what … Continue reading

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Show Us Your Teeth!

What happens when someone’s silly and playful? Wild, wacky, and ridiculous? There’s laughter of course, but there’s something more. There are smiles. I’m not referring to a grimace here folks. I mean a real SMILE! A “Duchenne” Smile which gets the wrinkles … Continue reading

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ADD and Anxiety Rescue Remedy

As I work with parents of children who suffer from ADD or anxiety I often give ways to calm their child.  In this video clip from my parenting video series “Unleashing Your Child’s Potential: Tools to Develop Inner Peace, Success, … Continue reading

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