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How to put the “Happy” back into the Holidays.

  Is this time of year a guarantee of  overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and resentfulness? Do complicated or toxic family dynamics make your stomach quiver and drain your energy? Are you reaching for that cookie—or that spiked eggnog—a little too often? … Continue reading

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“Velcro in” to the power within to tame anxiety

As an anxiety transformation specialist, I try to create as many ways as possible to reconnect people to their inner wisdom and power.  Anxiety is the great robber of confidence and as one learns how to master the mental saboteurs, … Continue reading

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“The Yet Effect”

This little trick works wonders, as this simple word totally changes the energy of a thought, which is the name of the game. Get more groovy tricks with my FR*EE Anxiety Breakthrough Jumpstart Kit at http://www.BambiThompson.com.

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Lighten Up Already!

When I was the victim of debilitating Panic Disorder, everything was serious. I was in survival mode. There was nothing else in my life other than trying to fix myself and get the hell out of that horror. One day … Continue reading

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“A Magical Frustration Silencer”

When we are reaching for our goals, we often face frustration and feel stuck. This is a great way to move yourself into more acceptance and peace around those times, which allows us to move out of that faster.

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Balance Baby, Balance

So one of the major breakthroughs I’ve had lately in my life is demanding balance of myself. Isn’t that an interesting choice of words (“demand of myself”)..actually as I wrote that it kind of startled me. But isn’t that what … Continue reading

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The Story Shifter

So much of our well being and success is based on the stories in our heads.  That and the action we take.  And so often the action we take is based on the stories in our heads.  So I’ll refine … Continue reading

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