How to put the “Happy” back into the Holidays.

  • Is this time of year a guarantee of  overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and resentfulness?
  • Do complicated or toxic family dynamics make your stomach quiver and drain your energy?
  • Are you reaching for that cookie—or that spiked eggnog—a little too often?
  • Have your 4 F’s of the holiday —Family, Finances, Food, and “Frolicking” Fun—turned into Frenzy, Freneticism, Franticness, and Fear?
As the holidays are approaching, many of us start feeling the demon of stress lurking on the sidelines of our mind.  Those of us who are feeling strapped start feeling a creeping anxiety growing in our belly as we wonder how we are going to handle the cost of gifts and family feasts and fun activities with the kids being home from school.  
Perhaps you are already dreading the conversations that can ensue with toxic family members.  Maybe your seeing the bulge on your waistline before it even arrives, from the enticing foods of the holidays.

Many people find the holidays NOT a source of joy, but a major buzz kill and menace to their health and peace of mind because of all the stresses attached.

An important thing to begin doing now is to re-frame the game and how you are going to play it.  “Pre-gaming” in a whole new way!

You have the time to shift your experience with a few simple strategies so that when the day arrives that is normally filled with stress and anxiety, you are in your power- the calm in the center of the chaos.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  1. Affirm as a mantra starting today “I choose peace and power in all circumstances and create the results I desire” .  Do daily for the entire Holiday season to begin to establish new neuronal pathways in your brain.
  2. Visualize yourself surrounded by a field of energy that dissolves any of the energies that relatives and co-workers throw your way that usually gets you off kilter. See yourself peaceful despite other’s behaviors.  Feel powerful that you are no longer a victim of their actions and words.
  3. Switch out the usual holiday scented candles with some lavender or stress relief aromatherapy and diffuse it in your house so relatives arrive and are calmed with the scent.  Put a few drops on a cotton pad in a baggie and keep in your purse or pocket for a whiff when you need it.
  4. When beginning to feel stressed, go in the bathroom, take 3 deep breaths while tapping on your chest (open your hand so that your fingers are one inch over and one inch down on either side of the jugglar notch) This is an anxiety relieving technique you can use with your children as well – you tap on their chest.
  5. Commit to gratitude and happiness instead of frustration, complaining, and expecting the usual stress.  Avoid those bitch sessions around the water cooler or with the neighbors.

If these things resonate with you, I invite you to check out my Holiday Survival Kit, which includes my ebook “7 Steps to Holiday Sanity and Survival” and a guided meditation audio that is sure to give you a more joy-filled season than you’ve had in a long time!

“After using Bambi’s Holiday Survival Kit, I had the least stressful holiday season I had ever had, and I actually enjoyed being with my family, instead of being drained by it.”

Check it out here

The 7 Steps to Sanity and Survival for the Holidays e-book is your pre-emptive strike on the mess and stress of the Holiday Season.

It will give you lots of tips and tools to empower you to:

  • Navigate, with ease, even the most unpleasant, tangled relationships
  • Manage the temptations to overindulge with a new warrior-like resolve
  • Replenish, whenever you need to, your energy, inner peace, and joy in the midst of chaotic schedules and situations
  • Have the happiest, healthiest, and most relaxing holiday season you’ve had in years!

And if you really want to rock your experience into the New Year you can get the “VIP” version and get a 1:1 session with me to re-energize and re-align you for success is 2014!

Since it takes daily repetition to re-boot your brain for a new experience- get started today!  Holiday Survival Kit


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Who’s YOUR Brain Trainer?

I am absolutely pumped with how I am finally overcoming my scarcity programs, my procrastination issue, my disorganization and lack of focus, and my seeking comfort instead of staying in action when things get hairy. This Neuroscience stuff friggin’ rocks!
I’ve tried for years to conquer these things with my will power, and while I may get some results for a time, it always seemed to slide back into the default mode after awhile.

It is particularly freeing to see my prosperity consciousness really taking up residence in my way of being, as it was money worries that threw me into debilitating panic disorder many years ago.

If you have a business coach, a money coach, or a life coach and think “I’m all set now” I say to you… who’s coaching your BRAIN? That is your most important foundational piece, because it’s your brain that makes any coaching program a success or a failure and waste of money. After all, how many programs do you have on your shelf that you sorta implemented but never finished?

One client who runs in the fast lane of the big kahuna coaches that I’ve trained with said “You are an amazing asset to this community ! It’s YOUR work that’s kept me in motion and prevented me from quitting. Your tools have been integral in keeping me moving forward and getting to where I am today…I can’t thank you enough for the work you do.”

So if you are tired of hauling around the ball and chain of your limiting beliefs, your fears, your insecurity and low self-esteem, for God’s sake get your rear in gear and get your brain trainer today! We’ll have fun, we’ll move you into positivity, power, and success while you watch a whole new you begin to emerge with the help of new neuronal pathways, your subconscious mind, and the tools I teach you to dissolve whatever ails ya when it rears it’s ugly head.

Imagine your life if you no longer procrastinated? Imagine your relationships if you no longer felt unworthy? Imagine your health if you no longer worried 24/7? The list goes on and on, and rather than continue reading, I’d much rather you click on this link and schedule your FREE Brilliant Breakthrough Strategy Session so we can get you started on the New You today! Every aspect of your life will change!

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Power Up People !

Power Up People !

If you want to be in your highest potential, you MUST know how to reclaim the reigns of your brain! Too many of us are wandering aimlessly at the whim of our Monkey Minds and mental saboteurs.

It’s time to step back into your power with cool stuff like this…

When feeling stressed out, visualize a rose colored light at the base of your tail bone (your first / root chakra), affirm “I am safe” and imagine your pelvic floor relaxing and dropping. This releases pressure on the vagus nerve which gets squeezed when our pelvic floor is tight with stress, and turns off our Sympathetic nervous system – the fight or flight response. It brings your Parasympathetic nervous system back into the drivers seat, which drives the relaxation response. Within a few minutes you will feel peaceful and grounded.

When you are in this state, your higher order thinking is available and you can stay in your power.

Try it…it works!

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Empty Nesting Relief

So many of us are facing the change of having our babies leave the nest- be it for kindergarten or for college.  It all brings with it the same chord-cutting discomfort.

I have found the following tips helpful for managing the intensity of the time.

1. Write a list of the things you are excited about for your child’s new time- new friends, new skills, new activities, new stories, new challenges through which they develope their strength and character….As you write- visualize and feel the excitement of their success.

2. Write a list of the things you are excited about for yourself – skip dinner when you want to, eat whatever you want, list the books you want to read, the movies you want to watch, the new classes you want to take…it’s time to be all about YOU. (This applies for the young mom too- be intentional about your hours of freedom)  As you write, feel the excitement of your self-development and pampering and the transformation it will bring.  See the new you and feel being that person.

3. Get excited about the conversations and new topics you can have as you connect with your child.  It’s an opportunity to challenge them to handle their own problems that arise- don’t step right in with the answer or the solution- ask them How do you feel? What would make you feel better in this situation? How might you attain that feeling? What might you do to turn things around- be crazy and creative- let it fly…in that release of outrageous answers one can also release something very deep and insightful.

4. Write out a Prayer or affirmation to say every night and every morning about what you wish for yourself and your child.  “I am so grateful that my son is now being led to his highest potential, confidence, and success.  My gratitude fills my heart and brings me peace in knowing that we are all safe, guided, and protected in all our endeavors. All good things are coming to us now”

Repeat this prayer/ affirmation when fear or loneliness fills you and let the light of these words wash away all negativity.  Visualize your child happy, healthy, successful, and fulfilled.

If you are still having trouble with your emotions, contact me for an “Empty Nesters Relief Package”– you’ll get an hour session involving an emotional balancing / energy healing plus tools and strategies to continue to clear your specific concerns on your own, a 30 minute tune up/ follow-up session 1 week later, and a 30 minute session a week after that to learn how to energetically support and heal your child’s emotional challenges from a distance (this is invaluable for both of you!)

3 Weeks of working with me to power up your long distance relationship without any negative attachments or draining emotions.

With the Empty Nesters Relief Package you will

  • feel profound relief from your stress / sadness/ loneliness
  • be able to shift yourself back to inner peace and calm with techniques
  • be able to help your child feel calmer and more peaceful and empowered
  • feel more powerful despite the long distance 
  • get relief from the emotional discomfort of “cutting the umbilical cord”

Sign up for a Free Brilliant Breakthrough Strategy session and we’ll talk about getting you started.  Sign up here.

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“Velcro in” to the power within to tame anxiety

As an anxiety transformation specialist, I try to create as many ways as possible to reconnect people to their inner wisdom and power.  Anxiety is the great robber of confidence and as one learns how to master the mental saboteurs, inner monkey mind of negative and fear-inducing chatter, and their limiting beliefs- confidence and success naturally become unleashed.

This video shares one of my favorite quick fixes to whatever’s got a grip of me and keeping me in fear or self-doubt.  See how it helps you and “share” it with your peeps and children! (Kids love this stuff and it changes their lives!)

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What my anxiety forgot to take when it left.

I had a Satori this week! (moment of enlightenment) – I realized that I hadn’t taken the one action that was required to truly launch my intention for my business, and my life for that matter, into “Full Speed Ahead” mode.  This little brainfart of enlightenment has changed me quite profoundly, and it is already bringing things into my experience that have in the past been a real struggle.

Let me explain in this video clip…

“Winners are goal achievers, Losers are comfort seekers” – can’t remember where I got that quote, but it’s really true, tho perhaps the word “Loser” is a bit strong- “struggler” might be interchanged there.

It makes a hell of a point tho, eh?

I realized that, yes I have been a “loser/ struggler” for half of my life, but I have an excuse.  When you struggle with anxiety you better believe you become a friggin’ comfort seeker.  It’s a survival strategy at that point.

The key point here is that word “excuse”– comfort seeking was a survival strategy from a PAST me, a FORMER me who no longer exists thanks to the tools that I now teach others and that my business is based on. You can learn more here.

The Satori that I had was that the old Bambi is gone, dead and buried with all her suffering!  Can I get a “Hell Yeah” here and a little “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” music in the background?

The problem was that she left behind her survival strategy which had become a saboteur of my success.  When one is on the quest to uplevel their lives, their businesses, their income…our demons start squawkin’ and talkin’ and DAMN it can get uncomfortable.

That discomfort feels extremely similar to anxiety and my brain and my body, given my past of being skeletal with Panic Disorder, very naturally screams, “RUN AWAY, RUN VERY FAR AWAY!” ie. Seek comfort, do what gives me relief.

This is very easy to do when you merely “WANT” a goal.

It doesn’t even factor in when you have “Committed” to the goal, especially to yourself!

I am so thrilled to report that I can say the words “I’ll do whatever it takes” now and I don’t feel that resistant contraction in my gut!  Never before have I been able to say that and feel free and determined and focused and prancin’ in my big girl panties.

Yah friggin’ hooo people, it’s been a long time comin’!

So check in with yourself, where are you finding molasses grabbin’ yo’ ass and the ball and chain holding you back?

Are you WANTING or are you COMMITTING and have you made the decision to step it up?  Give it a try, and I’m tellin’ ya, you’ll never look back!

“I am lion, hear me roar” (OK I date myself there)

Have a friggin’ fabulous week my friends!

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“The Yet Effect”

This little trick works wonders, as this simple word totally changes the energy of a thought, which is the name of the game.

Get more groovy tricks with my FR*EE Anxiety Breakthrough Jumpstart Kit at

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